Women on the rise, raising others

We started this movement by accident,


late at night, crowded inside a rented beach house living room on our first-ever team retreat. We were supposed to be relaxing and resting, but that’s the thing about dreamers… You can’t tell them to stop dreaming.

We were thinking about the entrepreneurial women doing their parts to change their corners of the world:

the determined mamas
the 9-5 quitters
the trailblazers
the empire-builders
the problem-solvers
the educators and strategists
the curious and the community-seekers
those who saw the status quo, laughed, and decided to prove it wrong.

Women on the rise, committed to raising others up along the way.

We are those women, too. And we know all too well how overwhelming all the moving and shaking can be. It’s HARD WORK.

We created this space for you to find belonging, get fueled up for the fight, and be reminded of your greatness, so you can go back into the world fully equipped to live out your calling.

Because we believe that we can rise. Together.

No matter what dreams you’re chasing, welcome home.

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A Message from Our Fearless Leader, Mandi 

So often we creatives, we visionaries, know where we want to go, but the vision overshadows the little steps we need to take to get there.

But, it’s when we realize that each of our strengths is amplified by leaning in to each other that we move forward with a common goal.

This is the era we are stepping into, and we want you to join us. There is a movement rising within us, pouring out into the world. This is how work should be. This is how pursuit should be.

All of us, rising together because we are brave enough to step forward and courageous enough to lean.

This is how we change the world. It’s one woman at a time, who, in picking up the pieces takes the hand of the woman next to her and in turn they are both stronger. And they make the world over.

So, will you rise with us?